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How It Works

Take the guesswork out of Home Design with a simple and clear process. Watch our short introduction video to see how easy it is to get your own design project started.

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Our Process

Purchase Online

Go to Get Started and pick your spaces you wish to design. Check out fast and secure.

24 hours after your purchase, our local Pre-Design Consultant will call to schedule your pre-design survey. We will get details of what you want to have done. We will also take measurements, snap photos and set goals to help you achieve your vision.

Online Clients will need to collect these details and upload with our help.


Our Pre-Design Consultant (local design) will visit your home and get the details of your vision through some questions. We will take detailed measurements of your space and make sketches. We'll also take photos for reference. This site visit typically takes between 1 -2 hours, based on how many changes you want done.

Then you will receive a link to complete our Online Design Questionnaire at your time from the comfort of your home.

SimplePlan interior design local package

Concept Design

Based on your site survey and online questionnaire we will conduct a Kickoff call to discuss your design and vision.

From this meeting your designer will work towards creating 2 Concept Designs for your review. 1 will be as close to what you asked for and the other we will stretch the imagination a bit and show you what is possible.


Based on your feedback, the design team will update colors, style, furnishings, layout, materials, etc.. Collaborate daily online, email, and phone. See your design come to life. The designer will present a Development Design version for more feedback. Revise. Collaborate.

Final Design "SimplePlan"

After the revisions and updates are complete, your designer will finalize all 2D layouts, mood boards, 3D renders and more.

You will receive your Final Design that we like to call your SimplePlan!

From this point you have your plan and our Free DIY guide to help you start the work. Most of clients take advantage of our Project Management service and ask us to handle all or parts of the project. Additional fees apply for the management of your project based on the scope.

Our Clients love how easy home interior design is with us

Jason M.


I recently purchased a condo that I will use as a rental property. I needed a fast turnaround design that wasn't going to be time consuming with meetings and expensive. I had one quick and informative meeting and then an online questionnaire. A few days later a kickoff call and then I had designs in my email. Simple and fast. The ability to give some feedback and update my design along the way was nice too.

Home Interior Design Timeline

Fast turnaround design time to help prepare for your upcoming project or renovation.

Day 1

In person Pre-Design Survey. Collect design goals, vision, wants and concerns. Collect measurements, images and sketch floor plan.

Day 7

Concept Design presentation. Designer will present 2 concepts. Collaborate. Give feedback. Ideas? Confirm. Online Zoom Meeting.

Day 14

Development Design presentation. Designer present updates and changes. Collaborate. Online Zoom Meeting.

SimplePlan Interior Design Blue

Day 21*

Final Design presentation. SimplePlan report delivered. Online Zoom Meeting. Finalize shopping list and order

*Design times could vary depending on # of rooms, complexity of design and engagement from client.


Breakdown of items that you will receive – Per room

Concept Designs

An initial concept design to help you tailor your vision to perfection. Receive 2 options for review.

transitional living room furniture layout

Floor Plan and Layout

2D top down view of your future space to highlight your furniture layout and flow.

Mood Boards

Get a feel of your space from our mood boards. Textures, colors, fabrics, and furniture ideas help tell the story.

Floor Plan

Furniture recommendations, space saving ideas and flow of space all come from accurate measurements and plan.

Mood Board

Get a feel of your space from our mood boards. Textures, colors, fabrics, and furniture ideas help tell the story.

Furniture Layout

Layout of furniture and breakdown of items in your space and their dimensions. Makes shopping easy.

laptop with landscaping design


Collaborate with your designer online and offer feedback and ideas. Clients receive 2 revisions, but rarely need 2. 🙂

3D Renders

Receive 2 angles per room to capture the future feeling of your space. Lighting, shadows, and textures so real to life.

DIY Guide

A simple to use guide for those clients that wish to DIY some of the work or to hire contractors to help.

3D Renders

Receive 2 angles per room to capture the future feeling of your space. Lighting, shadows, and textures so real to life.

Shopping List

Throughout your design process our team will continually source and update your list. Review, Reject, Approve, until complete.


Our guides help you with your projects. Renovation 101, Hiring a Contractor, Managing your project, and more. FREE


- additional fees apply -

landscaping video

HD Video Walkthrough

Our team will take your final 3D design and feed the images and into our state of the art software to create a stunning HD Video of your future space. See your plan truly come to life and in action.

Before you even start you can see it, feel it, experience it, and make sure it's exactly what you want. Plus, you can share this with any tradesman / contractor to ensure everyone is on the same page.

We love giving our clients clarity and peace of mind while delivering a beautiful design!

Project Management

You're BUSY let us handle it. Our team will handle the important and critical tasks step by step to save you time, costly mistakes, and stress.

From scheduling and receiving quotes/bids, to building out a budget, pick up / delivery of items, and onsite management during key stages of renovation.

Also, we will help save you money by sourcing the material needed for your projects instead of you paying a marked up price from the different trades.

Discovery Call

SimplePlan Discovery Call

Have a few questions?

Maybe you are ready to get started, but have a few questions. Or perhaps you're new to interior or landscape design and want to confirm the process or fees. We have you covered. Book a FREE Discovery Call and lets chat. 

Download Our FREE Quickstart Guides

We've compiled some of the best industry tricks and tips to help guide people through the whole process.

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