Interior Landscape Design FAQ

Interior Landscape Design FAQ

We have compiled frequently asked questions around interior design and landscape design to help new design clients in Destin prepare for their upcoming project(s). 

General Design Questions

If you want a beautiful design with less stress, easy and clear process, while saving money then SimplePlan is perfect for you.

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SimplePlan can design any room in your home. We do not design commercial spaces.

Absolutely. Many clients design multiples rooms to save money and time. Plus, this great so you can have a nice consistent design across all your rooms.

No. We do not take payment on site or in the home.

Absolutely. That is one of the main benefits to our design packages. Our designers have access to over 150 local and national vendors to source from.  All budget ranges and styles.

Absolutely. Our design package is the perfect solution for planning and designing a new space or rooms that you want to change.

With our affordable interior design packages, you can see your vision come to life (including new flooring, finishes, adding/removing cabinets or walls, etc.) in your 3D designs. Discuss all your visions with your Pre-Design Consultant during your on-site survey.

Yes. Our designers can work with you on the best materials and finishes for your design project. Regarding, structural changes. We are not licensed contractors or architects and do not know your local building codes. We will recommend to you our local, vetted experts to help take your SimplePlan and final design and build it to your local code.

No. Our plans and drawings are not to be used to build or for permit processes.

SimplePlan design services are completed by professionals and follow standard architect procedures. We do this to ensure your 3D renderings and furniture plan are 100% accurate. But we are not licensed architects, or General Contractors. Your SimplePlan is a visual representation of what your home will look like if you follow our plan. Consult with either our team of local, and vetted contractors or hire someone you choose. A licensed contractor and builder will confirm the measurements and provide you with proper drawings and understand your local building codes.

Our talented team of designers are handpicked from the best and brightest available from around the world. They have (at a minimum!) a four-year degree in interior design, visual design, and/or architecture as well as many years of interior design work and experience under their belt. From the interview process, to reviewing their portfolio, to testing them on a pilot project. our designers know design.

We don’t have to send our designers through any type of internal design program to learn design… they come to us educated and experienced, and we let them do what they do best. DESIGN!

SimplePlan is a unique platform and service that allows you to connect with some of the best talent out there to work on your space at a fraction of the cost. This is one of our secret weapons!

We place so much focus on the design and having the best designers, but our network of highly qualified, local contractors is our hidden gem. It delivers a big win for our clients and adds tremendous value to our service.

First, we only work with licensed contractors with at least 5 years in business. Next, we check with each county to ensure the contractor is in good standing and they have no outstanding issues. We review all the contractor’s social media, reviews on the leading websites and the State to ensure they are still a business in good standing. Finally, we have a sit-down interview and ask for 3 references.

Currently, amongst our contractor network the average time in business is:   37 YEARS!  These guys and gals know what they are doing, and they will make sure, if they are selected to work on your project, that they will do a great job.

Your time commitment is minimal. The initial site survey is around your schedule and in most cases takes less than 90 minutes to complete. Average interior design project is 21 days. Varies based on scope of project and involvement of client.

Yes, we do. We love referrals! You would receive a $50 VISA Gift Card and your friend will receive $100 off their design fee! Minimum of 2 rooms design.

Yes, we can add rooms to your design and still received the discounted Design

Fee schedule. See above under fees for the breakdown.

Yes. The SimplePlan interior design packages do not expire. You can purchase a package at any time and begin your plan when you are ready. Or give as a gift for a housewarming present.

No problem. Or E-Design service can be completed 100% remote.

Yes, we can manage parts or all your upcoming renovation projects. Our management fee is 20%. See Project Management for more information. Let your designer know and we can discuss this further.

We are always on the lookout for top talent to help us deliver the highest quality design. Check out the open careers and send us a email if you are interested in working with us.

Pre-Design Questions

The pre-design survey will take no longer than 90 minutes. Learn more here

It’s a brief but productive meeting at the space you will be designing. Learn more about Design Process here.

Knowing what you want goes a long way to ensure you are happy with your final designs.

  • Get inspired by what others have done. You may view our own work here.
  • Collect inspiration images
  • Define your goals for the space
  • What design styles do you like? Look here.
  • Create a budget. See our Budget Calculator here.
  • Stay engaged in the process via our online design portal

Local Design Package:

No. Our Pre-Design Consultant will take on-site measurements, pictures, and video to ensure we have a good understanding and overview of your space. Some customers may have a blueprint, sketch, or drawings, and this would be a great addition, but not required.

E-Design Package:

There will be a need for you to sketch your space, take detailed measurements, and pictures. But no worries because our team will schedule a call with you to review the process and help compete your Pre-Design Survey with you.

We do suggest that you are present to ensure a successful finished design, but we understand sometimes that may not be possible. If you are not able to be onsite someone over the age of 18 needs to be present to allow us entry into space.

If you are not able to be present, then a phone or video call with the Pre-Design Consultant will be conducted at a convenient time to collect the information that is still needed after the site survey was completed. 

Interior Design Questions

Your local pre-design consultant will leave their card with their local number and email address.

Your interior designer will chat with you via our online design studio. Real Time messaging, phone calls and video calls.

During the design process we stress the importance of collaboration with your designer. Giving honest feedback and staying engaged in the process will ensure that the final design is exactly what you are looking for. At each stage of the process, we ask you to give your designer any changes, ideas, or additions you would like to see. We want all parties to be on the same page.

If you feel there is a miscommunication between your vision and the designs, contact customer service and our Senior Design Manager will work with you to find a solution.

Yes. You will receive a floor plan, a furniture layout, and a measurements page as part of your SimplePlan.

Absolutely. When meeting with our Pre-Design Consultant just identify the items, you wish to keep. We will take pictures and measure each item you wish us to include in your design. This will ensure your designer is on the same page and your final renders and furniture layout is accurate.

If you and your designer are still in the concept design stage, then there are no fees for changes to the layout or design.

If we are further into the design and there are changes that move the structure or overall layout, then there maybe a re-work fee. The designer will determine the extent of the work needed to go back and rework the layout. This is case by case as some changes are minor and others are a complete re-work.

The fee is $30 an hour for re-work. Your designer will review your needs, the project, and present a package to accommodate your design changes. We suggest that all appliances, bathtubs, showers, sinks be decided before advancing past the Concept Design Stage.

For a standard 2 – 3 room design we average 20 days, and larger projects will take more time.

Keep in mind that client involvement and feedback will greatly determine the speed at which our design team can complete the design project. If you need a faster turn around time please let us know in the Notes section at Checkout or contact customer service so we can hopefully accommodate. Additional Fees May Apply

Your final design will be as delivered as a .pdf file. All individual images and renders will be .png file format.

Files will be emailed to you as well as stored in our Design Studio for your access 24/7.

If you ordered a printed SimplePlan Design, it will be mailed to your address that you provided during checkout.

Furniture/Sourcing Questions

National Vendors and Local Vendors are at our disposal. With clients having so many different styles and budget needs we work with a diverse group of manufactures and vendors. Some are trade only and others are popular retail vendors. We have relationships with affordable, middle of the road, and top luxury brands. We can even make our own custom furniture.

This list continues to grow as we find vendors that have that one of kind or hard to find items. Let us source you items for you. We love it!

Based upon the request of our client our team begins to source both locally and national for your items. Based on your budget, design style, furniture size, and material we set out to find all the items you need. Your interior designer will present what we find, and you provide feedback. Approve or deny and give feedback resulting in a complete shopping list with totals included shipping and taxes.

There is a 15% sourcing fee that is added to any items that we source to cover our time. If the item is local or a retail vendor, you will purchase directly. If the furniture is sold by a trade only vendor, you pay us via invoice and then we purchase on your behalf.

No. We pass through shipping and/or handling costs to our clients. We do not markup these fees.

All our invoices will show the Product Price + Shipping Price = Total.

Local taxes may apply.

SAVE TIME from shopping, looking at countless websites, going through hours of Pinterest boards, and driving around town to find your furnishings.

With SimplePlan we source furnishings from over 150 national vendors and your local pre-design consultant will shop locally. The items will fit your budget and satisfy your design needs. We shop and find the best deals; you focus on enjoying your new space and life.

EXCLUSIVE. We will utilize our unique access with Trade Only vendors to get that one of kind design you deserve.

STORAGE and DELIVERY. We have a local receiving warehouse and team. We will receive your items, store them, and even deliver to your home and place inside right where you want it. Talk about white glove treatment. This option is great for large orders or when clients are having renovations ongoing and do not want their new items in the middle of the construction zone. You get 1 month of free storage. Additional storage fees apply. Minimum order of $4,000 for warehouse and delivery option. For small orders we will ship direct to our client’s home.

Yes. We charge a Sourcing fee flat fee of 15% based on the furnishings that our clients ask us to source. 

It depends on the vendor. Some allow returns while other do not. At times there is a 24- or 72-hour period after delivery to request return. Please discuss with designer on each items return policy.

Retail Vendor:

With Retail Vendors you are the customer since you are the one purchasing the items. SimplePlan is not involved in the return process.

Trade Only Vendor:

Trade only vendors are private and SimplePlan will make purchase using the clients’ funds. SimplePlan can only take returns if the vendor allows. We have no process or staffing to resell used furniture.


Custom furniture is made to order and non-returnable. In that case all sales are final.

Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. Each vendor has their own return process and rules. It is a best practice to notate any damage while you are receiving the item or within 24 hours of delivery.

Items shipped direct should be checked asap. You will have limited time in most cases to file a claim. If you miss the deadline, you will not be able to return item and SimplePlan doesn’t take returns or stock items.

Yes. We do recommend for clients that are renovating or have many items coming to utilize our receiving warehouse partner locally to receive and store your items safely until you are ready. Additional fees apply.

Everyone wants their items ASAP. Plus, we live in a society, where next day shipping is a convenience, we have all grown accustomed to. Retail and Local vendors typically run either in stock (that would be great) to 4 weeks.

For Trade Only vendors most items ship direct from the manufacture and may take as long as little as 1 month and up to 4 – 6 months.


Keep in mind the following points:

  • Your items are quality and sometimes even custom pieces
  • They ship direct from the manufacture
  • We are at the mercy of their production schedule
  • With freight/Transit time of large items may take a little longer


We know this process may take a little longer, BUT it will be so worth it! You will have your dream space with the perfect items while saving money. Let’s do this right.

Yes, we have a great person that we use for all our installation needs. He can help with setup, moving furniture, hanging artwork, any painting needs, cabinets, doors, etc.. I would like to say he is our secret weapon to bring the design to life. His fees are reasonable and does great work.


Ask your Pre-Design Consultant for more info.

Our Partners

We sat out to create a design company that makes the entire process fast, easy and SIMPLE. In doing so, we also support local companies that help us turn those visions and designs into reality. Below are Destin partners that help us deliver on our promise.

We sat out to create a design company that makes the entire process fast, easy and SIMPLE. In doing so, we also support local companies that help us turn those visions and designs into reality. Below are Destin partners that help us deliver on our promise.

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