Preparing for your Landscape Design Project

Home improvement projects can be daunting, and landscape design is no exception. There are a lot of factors to consider beyond just the budget. Understanding the process helps in getting exactly what you want within the budget you set for it. Here are 8 steps you should consider taking to help you with your own landscaping project.

Consider what you want to change and what you want to keep. Maybe there are specific areas you’d like to have redone. Some areas may only require small changes. A good start is considering problems – these would require specific solutions. A few examples would be poor drainage, large slopes, or lack of privacy.

After finding any problems that require fixing, create a wish list. List down everything that you would like to see in your dream yard. Perhaps it could be a lounge area, a firepit, a deck or maybe even a paved patio.

Identify what activities you would like to do in your new space. Maybe your family would enjoy eating outside. You could have poolside parties in the garden. What time of day would you most likely be using your space? It might need lighting, heating or shade. Maybe you have pets, and should consider making your garden pet-friendly.

Now review your wish list and choose your priorities. Rank them according to importance or how much you want them. You can revisit your list later and see where you can save money and where to splurge.

Create an overall budget, then add 10% for any unforeseen issues. If you have something to set aside now, you can complete the entire project in one go. Otherwise, think about doing the project in phases for a more budget-friendly approach.

If you’re handy with tools and enjoy DIY projects, then take into consideration what you can or can’t do. An important thing to keep in mind is that a big project will require a lot of management. You’ll need to consider proposals, contractors, subcontractors, timelines, material purchases and other things. If you feel more comfortable having someone else manage the project, it would be a good idea to consider that option.

Determining your vision and wants is a big part in ensuring you’re happy with the finished result. Find inspiration in Pinterest or Houzz. Save or pin images of landscapes, patios, decks, walkways, anything you love.

If you have them, collect any site plans of your property. They should show your home boundaries, existing mature trees, and/or utility lines.

laying landscaping tiles
professional landscaper laying out lawn grass
landscaped area

SimplePlan provides a simple and easy solution for your landscaping needs. We’ll help you move your project along the way so you can achieve your vision. Download our landscape design checklist and keep your project on the right track, simple and easy!

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