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9 Best Kitchen Island Ideas For Your Home

It’s good to have a well-designed kitchen, and with these kitchen island ideas, you’ll be cooking up a feast with your kitchen island in no time.

1. Stick with Being Minimalist

“Less is more” — limit your sets of furniture and appliances which only serve your purpose. You might have a bigger space for shelves or even walkaround space.

2. Allot Enough Space For A Walk Around

Island might be anything you and your family need daily, but it is as important as the other parts of the kitchen room. Make sure that there is enough space to move around the different areas of the kitchen to maximize kitchen productivity.

3. Install Stylish Yet Proper Lighting

Whether it be a station for night reading, or an area for sumptuous meals, lighting is essential. Consider its size and color according to the theme of the room. You might be surprised how it can impact the overall look!

modern boho kitchen interior design

4. Mixed Storage Options

To stay organized and maintain proper kitchen workflow, install a mix of open and close storage options. You can put kitchen accessories and utensils in open cabinets for easier access and hide other things in closed drawers.

5. Make Space For Chairs or Stools

A lot of people dream of an island in their kitchen not just because it is aesthetically pleasing, but it can be a spot for relaxation. Spend your favorite activity by sitting down on a stylish yet functional one. Just make sure to have enough space to avoid making the room crowded.

minimalist kitchen interior design

6. Match The Color With Cabinetry

Ever got confused on what color your island should be? Match it with cabinetry! You can stick to the same color palette and theme of the room or you can add a pop of color if you want to be bold!

7. Add Texture

Does your island look too pale or plain, but satisfied with how other parts look? Consider adding an accessory. It can be a plant or a vase as long as it complements the entire room.

asian kitchen interior design

8. Consider A Mobile Island

Photo by TheIronDonut

Kitchen space too small, but insists on having an island? We got you! You might consider a mobile island which gives you freedom to move all over the place without the worry of walkaround space.

9. Be Creative!

The overall interior design style of your kitchen room should be based not only with how it looks, but ultimately how it resembles your daily lifestyle. Pick the type of material that suits your everyday activity, and include the things you need.

And there you have it – 9 practical kitchen ideas. Now that you know how to optimize your kitchen space, there’s just one thing left for you to do: take action.

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