Common Bedroom Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

The bedroom is the room where we spend the most time resting an relaxing, so it’s a must to avoid bedroom design mistakes. Here we talk about some of those mistakes and how we can best fix them through good, well-thought-out design.

Wrong Choice Of Color Palette

This is quite a common bedroom design mistake, leading to lowered moods. Your bedroom should make you feel calm, and not the other way around. Choice of color palette plays a big role in achieving the feeling you want a certain room to convey. Specifically, bold colors might give off something that is opposite from being tranquil. You can opt to choose a cool tone that will brighten up your room. Meanwhile, if you’re up for dark colors, make sure to match with the furniture to avoid making it look like a dungeon. You may want to check our color guide to achieve the perfect contrast.

Wrong Placement Of Furniture

To maximize every square inch of your bedroom, make sure to put the bed against a wall and make enough room for a walk space or a side table depending on the overall size of the area. You don’t want to feel choked around with all the furnishings in your sleeping area. Keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to build a room that will give you a restful sleep.

Not Taking Privacy into Consideration

Nobody can sleep soundly thinking that there might be a chance of someone looking at you. Having big windows and thin curtains is quite a big bedroom design mistake when you want to feel safe and away from the outside world. Take a moment and review the different types of curtains to get the look you want. Read more here.

Does Not Tell Who You Really Are

One big bedroom design mistake people make is not considering their identity when creating their own personal space. If it does not resemble your lifestyle, it will not work as perfectly as you imagined it would. The last thing you want is a cookie cutter room design that does not reflect who you really are.

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