Common Kitchen Design Mistakes and How to fix them

The kitchen is an essential room where we spend a lot of time, and thus need to consider proper design to avoid mistakes. Aesthetics are still important, considering how much time we spend cooking, but function is equally important.

Space Planning Does Not Suit Your Everyday Life

An important step is knowing what good design is. Placement of our kitchen appliances and fixtures is key, as is having the right place to work. There are several things to consider when preparing a design for our kitchen. A common kitchen design mistake is having a kitchen not fit for how busy we get in the kitchen.

different kitchen design triangles

Work Triangle

The work triangle allows us to make enough space between the stove, sink and refrigerator. Having a large enough space is essential, letting us move between each fixture with ease. While there is no hard rule about how much space you need, consider 25-26ft triangle length at most. Ultimately, this amount is dictated by how much space you have.


Doors and walkways should not interfere with appliances, cabinets and other fixtures. We do not want traffic jams in our own homes, especially in rooms we use daily. Avoid traffic mistakes by consider fitting 3-4ft near your work areas in your kitchen design.

Countertop Space

We need enough countertop space to be able to prepare our food. This space is also important for placement of our smaller appliances. Consider 1-2ft of space adjacent your fridge, sink and cooking area. These allow us to easily place anything we need to prepare.

Choosing Appliances and Furniture That Don't Fit Your Area

Furnishing your kitchen according to the area’s measurements will allow you to maximize every square inch of the space.

overloaded outlet

Having Enough Power Outlets

Our appliances are not limited to just the fridge and cooking top. We generally have a lot of other smaller appliances, such as coffeemakers, microwaves and others. While this is a more involved process, it is important to fix this kitchen design mistake. It can end up being a fire hazard if you end up using too many extensions on the few outlets you have.

Proper Ventilation

Another possible hazard is not having enough ventilation in the kitchen. Smoke can accumulate and even stain your kitchen, not to mention pose a fire hazard. You will want to be able to easily get rid of odors, and having good ventilation keeps the kitchen clean.

Location of Interior Fittings

Good kitchen organization helps making the kitchen efficient. Having our ingredients in easily accessible locations helps it easy to arrange and organize. Keep them handy, and avoid putting them too high or too low, especially if they are items you use frequently. It's also important to keep them dry, away from the stove.

Opting For Impractical Finishes

To make the best out of your budget, plan according to what you need and what you have.

overcrowded kitchen counter surface

Storage Space

Your lifestyle should define how much storage space you need. The more items you get, the more storage space you need. If you do a lot of baking, you will want a good place to store your equipment. Having a big family or frequent guests would mean storage for additional plates and utensils.

Too much Shelving

You will want your commonly used silverware and dinnerware in open shelving for easy access. Properly displayed, they also allow your guests to appreciate their aesthetics. Anything you wish to be hidden away can be kept in your shelves.

Room for Trash Receptables

This might be obvious at first glance, but limited space for trash disposal is a common kitchen design mistake a lot of people make. Again, lifestyle defines how much you need.


Messes are unavoidable in the kitchen. A busy kitchen usually means great feasts, but they also mean great messes. Waterproof flooring saves time and effort in cleaning.

Window and Lighting

Food preparation not only requires great taste, but a good eye. We see first before we taste, so proper lighting greatly helps the food preparation process. Consider good light sources and add accordingly depending on the size of your kitchen space. Additional lighting for your work areas also helps.

Not Hiring A Designer

Kitchen rooms are one of the most expensive, tricky, and taxing rooms to design. Hiring a designer not only will save you time and money but can also help you put your vision to life, and ultimately can make sure to avoid these common kitchen design mistakes!

overloaded outlet

Design for your Lifestyle

You might get overwhelmed by the choices available to you. Color, texture, material - these are just some elements and there are hundreds for each. In the end, you want your kitchen to resemble the perfect version of it based on your lifestyle. At the most, choice of flooring is already a big decision. A designer can help you, not only choose a beautiful one, but one which fits the rest of your kitchen. They can give recommendations based on your lifestyle - whether you have children or live alone.

Buying without Trying

In this age of digital information, we can easily do research. No matter our financial status, it is always a good idea to look things up before we buy. But there are things we cannot search - there are things we must see for ourselves. When we buy a mattress for example, it could say on the website "this is soft". But how soft is it? We will not know until we try it. A designer can save you so much time and money in this regard. Rather than spending so much on gas, a designer can give you a good idea on things you are planning to buy. All this information is cheaper when someone can just tell you up front, especially since designers are a 3rd party from the product companies - they can give an unbiased opinion.

Following Trends and Going Too Bold

Classic and timeless pieces are just that because they have stood the test of time. You can follow what is trendy today, but tomorrow that might have been terrible for your lifestyle. A color might be all the rage, but in the end, it just tires you out. Being bold is great. But it is important to know how everything will affect you overall. Right down to accessories, a designer can help you stay within your vision, while making sure you do not waste time and money on things you did not really want.

Going Over Budget

We like to say: Don't spend over 20 percent of your home value. Just tell your designer what your plan is and let them tell you how to make every cent count. A designer can help you balance out your budget between your rooms. And it is almost guaranteed they will tell you to spend the most in your kitchen.

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