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Common Kitchen Layouts

Kitchen layouts define how well your kitchen will work. Aesthetics are equally important, but the layout will save you a lot of time while cooking. Having a good kitchen layout in mind is a step in the right direction to avoid mistakes in designing your kitchen. We want our cooking done in a beautiful, relaxing environment. Considering your space, and where your kitchen is located, these layouts should help you plan.

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Known as one of the most common and practical kitchen layouts, it is ideal for small or big kitchen spaces. Cabinets are placed in two walls creating a perpendicular shape. This layout provides excellent flexibility in positioning furnishings and work areas.

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Cabinets are positioned into three sides to create a U shape. Place the refrigerator, stove, and sink on a separate run to create a work triangle among them. Consider a corner mechanism for a layout that makes two cabinet corners. Again, plan space maximization.

Straight Kitchen Layout

Among other layouts, straight doesn’t use a work triangle. Instead, the kitchen workflow goes straight as it is mostly used for studio and loft apartments. While maximizing the space area of the room, a linear kitchen layout brings kitchen productivity at its finest.

A Galley or Parallel-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The sink is placed opposite the stove, creating ample space for the counter and allowing enough space for movement across the room. As a result, it is one of the most economical kitchen layouts suitable for all types of homes.

Island Kitchen Layout

This is one of the most sought-after layout choices in open-plan homes and, because of the spacious work area or storage in the middle of the kitchen. The island can either be cooking, preparation, or even a dining area for the family. Keep in mind that space should be big enough to build an island. Thus, its placement creates a natural traffic flow in the area.

G-Shaped or Peninsula

Is your kitchen space not big enough for an island? Then this layout is for your home! The peninsula is related to the island kitchen and puts a counter opposite a wall or cabinets, creating a G shape. If you dream of having an island, but space doesn’t allow you, this is one of the best alternatives that offer the same benefits—either food prep or family dining.

In sum, getting the right kitchen layout is actually fairly simple when you apply the above tips.

Get to it – you’re going to be glad you did!

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