How to Measure Curtains to Perfection

Curtains are essential in a house, providing light, privacy and aesthetic, so it’s important to measure curtains to get the right look. They play a massive part in the design of a room. For example, sometimes a window can get in the way of your ideal design plan, but with the correct curtains, you can work your way around the window’s awkward positioning in your space. Other times, the windows and their view can be the selling point of your bedroom, but they won’t matter if the curtain doesn’t pair nicely with the frame. So, follow the guide and let the view be the second thing that impresses your friends.

Step 1: Choose between Curtain Pole or Curtain Track

They both serve the same purpose, but the importance of deciding lies in your desired look for the space.

It is important to note that either of them should extend 6″-12″ inches past each side (width) and 5″-6″ inches above the top of the window (length). You can personalize it however you like, as it can impact your space differently. For example, if you wish to elongate your room, it would be recommended to have the curtain pole higher up in the wall and ignore the recommended distance between the pole and the window frame. Nevertheless, the recommendations are essential as they are the minimums needed for good curtains. They will help minimize the light when curtains are closed and allow for curtains to be gathered on either side of the window when open.

Step 2: How to Measure Curtains Correctly


Using your steel tape measure, calculate the entire length of your chosen curtain pole or curtain track. Remember not to include the decorative ends (the final part from each end) when measuring a rod.


Measure with a steel tape measure from the pole to where you want the curtains to end.

Image courtesy of Hadley Court
Curtain sizes:

A: Still length (shorter)

B: Bellow still (short)

C: Barely touching the floor (standard)

D: Puddle effect (longest)

If you considered that the curtain pole was the right fit for you, you need to consider the material above the eyelet and add it to your measurement to get the proper length. You can also do it with rings, and instead of starting from the pole, you can do it based on where the rings end.

If you prefer the curtain track, you need to measure from the top to where you wish your curtains to end based on your desired look.

Step 3: Choose your color and fabric

This part is where your mathematical brain can take a rest, and your creative side can take over. Do you wish to make a statement, or do you want it to blend seamlessly with the rest of the colors?

Do you want a translucent look with linen, or are blackouts necessary for a good night’s sleep?

Curtains shouldn’t be overlooked, as they can make or break your space. By following this step-by-step guide, your curtains will be the final touch that your room was missing.

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