Amazing Asian Zen Interior Design

More than just a cultural nod, Asian interior design is an artful, objective approach in creating a peaceful and serene environment. If you’d love nothing more than come home, relax and appreciate the day in a home that promotes peace, wellness and nature in your being, then SimplePlan can help make it happen. Fast, easy and affordable.

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What is Asian Zen Interior Design Style?

Inspired by the ancient Zen philosophy, this interior design style creates a peaceful and serene environment. The style combines using natural elements, well-thought out and spaced.

Is Asian Interior Design the right style for you?

While this style tends to be a choice already made beforehand, if you ever wondered about trying out a Zen interior for yourself, then you’ll enjoy the aesthetic it creates. This style promotes peace and serenity, and is perfect if you just want to kick back and relax after a busy day.

The color palette for a Zen interior tends to use more neutral colors, such as beige, white and gray. The furniture choice is typically made of natural materials, such as wood, bamboo, or rattan. The design generally uses clean lines, focusing on simplicity. Natural elements are also incorporated into the design, so you’ll see plants, stones and water features. Soft, diffused lighting is also a great mood-setter, but to achieve the right effect for the style, you will want to overhaul your rooms with large windows to let natural light in.


neutral, natural hues


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natural, tranquil

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“I recently purchased a studio condo in Sandestin and wanted to renovate and update the furniture. I needed it done quick so I could place the unit on the rental program. I heard about this service, and I am so glad I had. Well worth the $900 bucks!”
Jason M.
Destin, Florida

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