Cool and Breezy Coastal Interior Design

It’s hard to deny that the beach is a beautiful and relaxing place to visit. Whether wading in clear waters or lounging in the sand under some shade, the beach gives us a relaxing vibe that lulls us, with the sound of waves and fresh smell of sea air. Bring home the sun, sand and surf with a beautiful coastal interior design with SimplePlan. Fast, easy and affordable, we guarantee your money’s worth.

What is Coastal Interior Design Style?

Capturing the essence of the natural beauty of the beach, coastal interior design incorporates many elements that give it a very calm, airy feel. Popular in many coastal, sunny areas such as along Florida coast, this style feels relaxed and comfortable.

coastal living room interior design

Is Coastal Interior Design the right style for you?

You don’t really need to love the beach to appreciate a coastal design interior. Heavy use of natural materials may be a good draw if you love furniture that have that feeling. Light woods, woven wicker, along with natural fibers give any home a light, natural feeling. The palette incorporates colors from the beach, usually, although not limited to light shades of blue, green and sandy beige. The combination contributes to the airy feel it gives to the room, making it feel more open.

coastal condo living room interior design

Furniture pieces you use will tend to have more organic shapes, with plenty of soft curves. If you enjoy accessorizing your space, then you’ll enjoy doing so with this design style. Nautical-themed decorations are good staples – from seashells intricate model ships in a bottle, you’ll find plenty of ways to add more spice and variety to your space. Partner with a good interior designer or decorator to make sure you don’t end up cluttering your space too much. A good coastal interior design still has a lot of breathing space to maintain that airy feel of the beach.

You can also look at this guide to get started on your coastal design.


pale beach


light woods, natural, linen, cotton


natural, texture-rich


calm & relaxing

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Our Clients love how easy home interior design is with us

“My designer was amazing. She presented two concept designs, and I was really blown away with the creativity. I was able to combine what I wanted with a few of her great ideas to come up with my beautiful space. It was worth every dollar.”
Karena M.
Fort Walton Beach, Florida

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