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Come home to a warm and inviting farmhouse interior design. Whether you prefer a more modern take on the classic, or a stickler for tradition, SimplePlan can help bring your vision to reality with professional interior design service. Fast, easy and affordable, start your project with us today.

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What is Farmhouse Interior Design Style?

Having its roots in traditional homes of rural America, farmhouses were originally designed to be functional, rather than stylish. The design had a resurgence in the 70s, with people leaving cities and returning to rural areas. The style appealed to anyone who preferred a simpler and more natural lifestyle. Today, farmhouse interior design style is still going strong, with its warm and comfortable feel appeals to many who enjoy the aesthetic.

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Is Farmhouse Interior Design the right style for you?

Many people still fall in love with the farmhouse aesthetic. The warm and cozy feel is very attractive to many people, and the aesthetic easily takes you away from the trappings of every day life, and into a simpler environment. This style can go in different directions, and you can be bold with your design and even add modern and contemporary features to your space. Whichever you choose, farmhouse style remains a timeless choice among many homeowners.

a Farmhouse bedroom interior design

Wood is a defining material for the style. Flooring, furniture and even structural features use wood. You can push the look further by using a more distressed or weathered type of wood, with less polish, to make it look more rustic and aged. Colors you’ll want will be within the range of white, cream, gray, blue and beige. These colors are very calming and relaxing, perfect for a space for resting. Soft fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool are also heavily used, with simple but attractive patterns such as strips, plaids or checks. Open floor plans are a good choice for the style, with plenty of large windows for natural light, giving great views of the outdoors.


warm or white


organic & natural, metals, marble


natural, texture-rich


warm & inviting

a Farmhouse kitchen interior design

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