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Florida is an amazing place to visit. Warm sands and blue skies really define the Emerald Coast, and many are attracted here far and wide. And as beautiful as the great Florida outdoors are, it’s just as great to come home to an equally beautiful interior.

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Interior Design in Fort Walton Beach

Home to one of the largest military bases in the country, Fort Walton Beach is a melting pot of culture. It has many landmarks that stand as reminders of its history, while its people look forward into the future, with typical sunny Florida candor. Beyond work, rest and recreation are great spectacles in Fort Walton Beach. Many different water activities such as kayaking and jet skiing are common, and the cuisine is delightful seafood. The white sandy beaches attract many tourists, but it’s the locals who truly enjoy life along the coast, never tiring of the beauty that’s the Emerald Coast. And after soaking in the sun and sights, people love nothing more than to kick back and relax in their beautiful homes. Interior Design trends in Fort Walton Beach vary and volumes of its bright, sunny denizens. 

Interior Design Style Trends in Fort Walton Beach

With many cultural heritage sites and a gorgeous beaches boasting white sands and smooth surfs, Fort Walton Beach has many interior design trends that reflect the local beauty and flair.

coastal dining room interior design


With it’s white beaches and clear blue waters, coastal design truly reflects the beauty of Fort Walton Beach. Trends lean on a more modern approach to design, although you can go in the direction you prefer and still stay stylish. You’ll have a beautiful calming palette at your disposal – white, blues and greens. You can decorate with shoreline features, such as shells and starfish. A wooden ship model can make an excellent centerpiece of you love boating, although any heirloom can catch the eyes. Strategic use of natural materials give an airy feeling.


beach colors; sand, sea and sky


natural wood


natural, smooth curves


calm & cool

a Farmhouse living room interior design


While Fort Walton Beach may be very alive and active, with many activities, it still retains the laid-back Florida lifestyle. If you’d like something familiar and cozy, a farmhouse design can go in many directions. Whether you go with traditional accents, rustic or even modern, it’s sure to be warm and inviting. Vintage, distressed furniture can add a lot of texture and personality to your home. Your palette can be light and muted, with blues, greens and grays with white.


white, bright and neutral


natural wood, organic


ornamental, natural


familiar, cozy and inviting

modern boho living room interior design


With a long line of hotels overlooking the beachfront, sleek and modern interiors are quite common in Fort Walton Beach. This style is perfect for you if you want to depart from the traditional ornamental accents that adorn the styles of yesteryear, without getting too far into the organic style of contemporary design. Clean lines, polished materials and bright, neutral colors will make your home feel minimalist, but elegant.


neutral, white and gray


polished wood, glass and metal


clean lines


sleek and minimalist

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