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The Emerald Coast in Florida is very beautiful, attracting many to visit or even settle down across clear waters and sandy shores. Panama City Beach is one such prime tourist destination, and many who live there are known for their love of fun and amazing hospitality. 

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Interior Design in Panama City Beach

With a booming tourist economy, Panama City Beach has strong southern values, being a very friendly place to visit. Locals tend to live a slower pace of life, but have a lot of fun with plenty of activities. Not only is there a strong emphasis on waterborne activities, proximity to state parks also means a lot of hiking and camping can be done. And after a busy day out in the Florida sun, homes are well-designed, which speaks of Florida’s booming design industry. Design trends in Panama City Beach lean more towards natural elements.

Interior Design Style Trends in Panama City Beach

While the commercial side of Panama City Beach focuses on eye-catching colors to attract tourists, home owners freely exercise their artistic side. Homes can go whichever way, depending on their owners, but if you’d like something trendy with your neighbors, natural designs are quite common.

coastal living room interior design


Panama City Beach is very well-known for its beautiful beaches, so designs which reflect this coastal nature are trendy and familiar in the area. If you love the beach, and want to bring home that same relaxing mood, then coastal design is for you. A coastal interior will use a lot of natural material like wood and wicker. Colors are usually light on the eyes; light blues and greens, with sandy palettes for warm colors.


beach colors; sand, sea and sky


natural wood


natural, smooth curves


calm & cool

tropical living room interior design


Tropical style can have very similar features as coastal, although there is less emphasis on the oceanic feel, and more on emulating the aesthetic of the namesake regions. You can be even more adventurous with your materials, including natural materials such as bamboo and rattan. Colors focus more on the greener portions of the palette, away from the sand colors. With this style, you can be bolder with the colors, and can include patterns and imagery. One of the biggest element that you should consider for this style would be indoor plants.


vibrant greens and blues, earthy neutrals


natural wood, bamboo, wicker, rattan




warm, exotic, adventurous

boho living room interior design


Eclectic and free-spirited are common descriptors of Bohemian design style. If you feel you have a great, adventurous spirit with a strong sense of creative individuality, then this style might be for you. The palette is bold and vibrant. Feel free to explore more uncommon materials, such as suede, silk and even velvet.  Patterns are another avenue you can explore to bring more spirit to your home. Lively patterns, from florals to ethnic prints are common. If you enjoy decorating liberally, you’ll love the ways you can accessorize – throw pillows, antiques, tapestries, even beads. The furniture you choose can have very eclectic shapes, and every room will feel unique.


neutrals with vibrant warm palettes


natural, wood, rattan, silk, velvet


natural with a lot of movement


spirited and adventurous

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