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SimplePlan is Interior Design reimagined. We have combined traditional design along with online design help to provide a more affordable, stress free, and convenient experience.

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Our mission is to provide the finest online interior design service without spending so much of your valuable time and money.

Interior design can be an exciting, but also daunting process. A lot of your resources go into a project, and it's not limited to just money. The whole process also requires a lot of time, whether you hire an expert to work on it, or you yourself are handy enough to handle it. A good starting point for you would be finding an interior designer or company nearby. While we live in an age of online meetings, having someone get a good look and feel of your home can still make a difference.

How to find Interior Designers Nearby

You can do a quick Google search “interior designer near me” to help you find some, but using a platform can provide a more detailed overview. There are many platforms that can do the filtering for you.

This is a very easy platform to use – you just need to put in your location and it will show you the interior designers nearby. You can also find their projects, reviews, and bios to get a better feel of the services they provide.

Click here to view their website.

This nationwide site can also help you find local designers in your area. The website allows you to ask specifically what service you want, and it will provide a filtered list. The site has a membership that gives you additional options.

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A worldwide platform for businesses, you can also use this to find interior designers, and even companies like SimplePlan and find information on their previous projects.

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A trusted review site, you may have already used it to search for which restaurants to eat at. The same service can also be used to find interior designers, and reviews about their services.

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Choosing a Designer for your Space

You have to consider a few things in making a choice of which interior designer you’d like to work on your space. A good starting point would be the budget. You may also consider the style you want, as some designers might have specialties.


Many designers have specialties, having worked with clients who have very specific tastes, and you can choose them based on that. You can look through their portfolio and see how they balance their work. Location can also factor in their specialties, as design trends differ from place to place. If you’d like to have a better idea of the different design styles, you can read about some popular ones in this article.


There are many different interior designers you can choose from, with some who are more popular requiring a larger budget to work with. An hour of a designer’s time can cost from $20 to $200, and many things can affect this, from their fame, the size of the property you wish to redesign or the location of the property. The distance is a reason why it’s a good idea to choose an interior designer nearby.

CEO of SimplePlan interior design company

Doug Davis

interior design // owner

My vision for SimplePlan was to make Interior Design in Destin, Florida available to more people. Everyone deserves a beautiful space. After seeing someone close to me deal with the challenges of the old traditional method, I knew there had to be a better way. We have created a simplified process where there is no sales pressure or huge time commitment of multiple home visits. The result; 1 room online design package is $500 or only $600 if you are in our market. Our team works tirelessly to delivery a world class experience for our clients daily.

Our Clients love how easy home interior design is with us

"There's nothing like a day at the beach and coming to my newly designed home - it feels like I never left the beach! Thank you SimplePlan!"
Holly T.
Fort Walton Beach, Florida

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