Midcentury Modern Interior Design

A timeless classic that continues to be popular, Midcentury Modern interior design is for you if you love simplicity and functionality, with a familiar feel. If you’d like to see what you can do with your home, contact us, or if you’re confident with what you want, get started! Interior design is fast, easy and affordable with SimplePlan.

Midcentury Modern dining room interior design

What is Midcentury Modern Interior Design Style?

A  familiar and laidback design compared to its more ornate contemporaries of the day, as the name implies, Midcentury Modern design originated in the mid-20th century. It’s focused on simplicity and functionality, and features clean lines and a combination of natural and synthetic materials.

Midcentury Modern living room interior design

Is Midcentury Modern Interior Design the right style for you?

As a classic, midcentury modern design has set trends which will feel familiar to you, especially if you’ve seen many homes through the 60s and 70s. The clean lines and geometric shapes defined the design, and the natural materials lent homes a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Midcentury Modern kitchen interior design

This design is perfect if you’d like a more minimal design that leans more towards the warmth of natural materials, but accentuated with synthetics.  Shapes and patterns are familiar, with certain repetitions. You’ll enjoy a large selection of bold colors that help bring the style to life. Bright yellows, greens, blues and oranges, contrasted with neutrals such as black, white and gray give homes a warm feeling, but still have colors to make a statement. 


neutral with bits of bright hues


synthetic, wood veneer, vinyl, acrylic


clean, straight lines, playful prints



Midcentury Modern bedroom interior design

Our Clients love how easy home interior design is with us

“They came to my home for an on-site predesign consult. The gentleman was friendly, efficient, and took great notes and pictures. Then the design team contacted me, and we started to work together online in the design studio. Very good experience. The final shopping list and the savings on all the furniture was icing on the cake. Great service!”
Stephanie B.
Panama City Beach, Florida

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