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Less is more with a minimalist interior design. There is beauty in having a lot of clean space, and it leaves more room for functionality, letting you make the most out of your space. Want help in balancing your room elements to have a minimalist design to match your lifestyle? Focus on what gives you joy with SimplePlan. It’s fast, easy and affordable!

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What is Minimalist Interior Design Style?

A style that emerged in the 60s as a response to what felt like excessiveness of modernism, people who wanted a simpler and more streamlined approach to design took the minimalist approach. To best describe it, minimalist interior design will see you removing pieces until you’re left with only the most essential elements in the room. While the focus is on functionality, you can still add an accessory here or there to attract the eyes or help brighten up a room or add color. The term “less is more” applies here, being coined by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who was one of the pioneers of the design style.

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Is Minimalist Interior Design the right style for you?

Lifestyle is a good indicator if a minimalist interior design is a good match for you. With such a spacious environment, you can focus more on your own sense of calm and tranquility, spending less time focusing on the room, but rather on the space of the room. You’ll be spending less time cleaning up and decorating as well, so it’s a good design to have if you’re very busy, and spend a lot of time outside. Your space will be more for you to rest your mind from the trappings of everyday life.

minimalist dining room interior design

Limiting yourself is an art unto itself when it comes to minimalist design. A limited color palette is the norm, usually black, white and shades of gray. A single color may also be included to serve as accent to draw the eyes towards a specific area. For your furniture, you’ll want straight lines and geometric shapes. Focus on quality over quantity – since you’ll be spending less on decorations, make your furnishing purchases really count. You’ll be able to splurge on what elements you decided to include. To help you with decisions on what to add, focus on function. Consider spacious storage options – you want clutter hidden away. Materials are generally natural, with limited textures – wood, stone and concrete are usual choices. Lighting is one of the most important in the design. Dark rooms always feel like there’s space – you want your rooms to feel spacious.


neutral or monochromatic


light woods, woven textures


clean straight lines


clean and open-space feel

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