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Sleek and uncluttered. Clean lines with simple, functional furniture, modern interior design style is perfect if you want a streamlined look for your home. You can get a sleek, beautiful, modern interior design for your own home fast, easy and affordable with SimplePlan. Start your project today.

modern bedroom interior design

What is Modern Interior Design Style?

Similar to the Bauhaus movement, combining art and technology, modern interior design gives any space a sleek look. Many corporate establishments adapt the look, giving their lounges a relaxed, welcoming feel, and this can easily apply to any home. Modern home interiors always feel trendy, functional, with its own artistic twist.

modern living room interior design

Is Modern Interior Design the right style for you?

As the name implies, modern interior design gives your space an updated look. The clean lines and minimal clutter give any space a very open, spacious feel. The neutral colors are very relaxing, and help make the space look bright. If you like the sleek corporate look, or just want a very clean and functional design for your space, then a modern design might be for you.

modern dining room interior design

Clean lines on your furniture and decorations would be one of the defining characteristics of a modern design space. While curves can be applied, keep them at a minimum, and with symmetric geometry to maintain the sleek feel. Materials used also add to the sleek aesthetic – consider metal, stone and glass for your furniture. Colors you use will mostly be cold and stark, but warm, natural neutrals can give a space a cozier look if you’d like that, but keep patterns to a minimal.


neutral or monochromatic


dark wood, stone, metal, glass


clutter-free, straight lines


clean & sleek

Our Clients love how easy home interior design is with us

"We purchased an old country home that was dated and need of an update. Working with the design team we came up with a few different options. The process was easy and fast. We saved money on the design compared to the other designers we spoke with. This was nice since we were able to spend that money on the furniture we needed. Plus, the savings SimplePlan gave us on the furniture was  a nice touch. Would use again and have already told a few friends. Thank you SimplePlan team."
Jen S.
Pensacola, Florida

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