Rustic Interior Design

Whether you love a rugged natural look for your space or just feel attached to the great outdoors, a rustic interior design can make any home feel attractive, warm and inviting. Getting a beautiful rustic design for your home is fast, easy and affordable with SimplePlan.

rustic living room interior design

What is Rustic Interior Design Style?

Rustic style in the US emerged around the late 19th to early 20th centuries. People who had built summer homes in the countryside wanted them to feel like rustic cabins. While it’s more popular in country homes because of how it matches well with the architecture, rustic interior design can still adorn any residential home, giving it that rugged, countryside feeling with a great connection to nature and the outdoors.

rustic living room interior design

Is Rustic Interior Design the right style for you?

If you have a great fascination for the outdoors, and would like to have that rugged feel in your home, this is a beautiful style to have that has a lot of personality. Even though its inspired by countryside cabins, the style can still work well with modern trappings, and the prospect of having those modern fixtures such as large, flatscreen televisions and sleek kitchen appliances can be interesting in a rustic interior design.

rustic kitchen interior design

Heavy use of natural materials would be the main feature of your rustic interior designed home. Wood, brick, stone and wrought metal are common materials used. Consider a warm color palette, with colors found in nature, such as brown and beige. Texture is just as important, and will generally be defined by the materials you use. Rugged features such as rough-hewn woods can be combined with woven fabrics, leathers, natural fibers and similar materials.  Vintage and antique pieces can give your space more personality, and can serve as conversation pieces.


muted natural colors


natural, texture-rich, organic




cozy, rugged, natural

rustic dining room interior design

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“My designer was amazing. She presented two concept designs, and I was really blown away with the creativity. I was able to combine what I wanted with a few of her great ideas to come up with my beautiful space. It was worth every dollar.”
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Fort Walton Beach, Florida

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