Transitional Interior Design

A perfect blend of modern and traditional aesthetic, transitional interior design style is a popular and trendy style in America. Get the right timeless, cohesive transitional look with SimplePlan. It’s fast, easy and affordable. Start your project today.

transitional dining room interior design

What is Transitional Interior Design Style?

Emerging in the 1950s to address the stark minimalism that some people found in mid-century modern designs, transitional interior design brings the warmth of traditional design and merges it with modern design to avoid the cold and sterile feel of many modern designs.

transitional living room interior design

Is Transitional Interior Design the right style for you?

Being a trendy and popular design, you’ll find many in America that love this style, and it’s easy to fall in love with it. It opens your home to the warmth of traditional style with the sleek and streamlined look of modern design. It’s a versatile style that can accommodate many of your ideas.

transitional kitchen interior design

Neutral colors will be your go-to palette, with gray, beige and white being popular choices. These colors are calming and are easy to work with, and a great starting point when designing your space. You can contrast with black or a darker gray or blue, while still maintaining the muted tone. You can mix traditional materials like wood with more modern choices, such as metal and glass for your furniture. The furniture choice really opens up, with classic styles, combined with geometric metal and glass tables. Accents can be kept minimal or simple. You can combine modern art on walls, or add vases with flowers. The overall look should harmoniously blend the two styles.




old and new, mix modern with traditional


mix clean, straight lines with natural & textures


cozy, sleek and vibrant

transitional bedroom interior design

Our Clients love how easy home interior design is with us

“I have always wanted this style and look. It was nice to find a designer that could pull it off, since In my area all designers tend to specialize in a few styles. Making all the homes look the same.”
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Kat P.
Pensacola, Florida

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