Tropical Interior Design

Love that exotic tropical aesthetic from your travels? Colorful but relaxing, a tropical interior design gives any space a lush and vibrant feel. Getting one for your own home is fast, easy and affordable with SimplePlan.

tropical dining room interior design

What is Tropical Interior Design Style?

A vibrant style, tropical interior design is inspired by the lush, tropical landscapes found in places such as Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. The style recreates the relaxing environment, creating a feeling of tropical paradise.

Is Tropical Interior Design the right style for you?

Perhaps you’ve been to tropical countries and enjoyed the beautiful vistas and local atmosphere, or you simply want the exotic, colorful aesthetic prevalent in tropical places, then you’ll love this style. It’s a warm and relaxing style which makes every day at home feel like a vacation.

While your main palette will be light, earthy tones, such as cream or white, bright and bold colors really bring out the best in a tropical interior design. Feel free to include bright greens, yellows, blues and reds, similar to the flora and fauna found in tropical places. Use leafy patterns as a motif to recreate the look, especially those of tropical plants. For your furniture, you’ll want natural materials, such as bamboo, rattan, wicker and wood. A key feature will be adding plants – large potted palms, small plants, all these add life and color to your space and make it feel more vibrant.


natural and vibrant


organic, bamboo, woven fabrics


natural, texture-rich


vibrant and relaxing

Our Clients love how easy home interior design is with us

“I purchased the plan online and a few days later a consultant meet me at my cabin. He collected some images, measurements, sketched my space, and we had a brief sit down conversation. I wanted a Vintage or “Victorian style” tea room / study. I wasn’t quiet sure exactly what I wanted so it took several renderings. The staff was patient and professional throughout the process. The final design turned out even better than I had envisioned.”
Jerry O.
Destin, Florida

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