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When you want a space that can be defined as a blast from the past, then you’ll want a beautiful vintage interior design. With SimplePlan to help you, you can start your own vintage-inspired home design project. It’s fast, easy and affordable.

vintage living room interior design

What is Vintage Interior Design Style?

Vintage interior design is a popular style that creates a space inspired by trends from the past. Vintage designs incorporate many antiques as well as vintage-inspired items, creating a nostalgic feel to a space.

vintage study interior design

Is Vintage Interior Design the right style for you?

There might be a style you really love from the past which you’d like to relive, then this is the right style for you. You might have some antiques that were very popular from the past which you’d like to be centerpieces for your rooms, or maybe just like to collect them for their charm. Bringing the character and class of a bygone era and making it timeless and trendy, this is the right style for regular trips down memory lane, right in your home.

vintage dining room interior design

A vintage palette is usually muted, with an emphasis on warm, earthy tones such as beige, brown and cream. Don’t be afraid to add your own twist, if you feel like you’d like to see your favorite color as well. The important thing is to keep it muted, so the space is still warm and cozy. Materials will use a lot of traditionally used ones such as wood, wrought iron and linen. Antiques can be added in as centerpieces, and are definitely good at getting attention. You could decorate shelves with them as conversation pieces as well, making every visit to your home something to remember. There are many vintage-inspired patterns for your walls and fabrics available so you can complete the look. Other accessories can be antique mirrors and vintage-inspired lighting fixtures, such as tiffany lamps, which add a lot of personality to a space.


low-key colors


antique woods, weathered, glass, brass


natural, texture rich



vintage bedroom interior design

Our Clients love how easy home interior design is with us

“I purchased the plan online and a few days later a consultant meet me at my cabin. He collected some images, measurements, sketched my space, and we had a brief sit down conversation. I wanted a Vintage or “Victorian style” tea room / study. I wasn’t quiet sure exactly what I wanted so it took several renderings. The staff was patient and professional throughout the process. The final design turned out even better than I had envisioned.”
Jerry O.
Destin, Florida

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