Interior Designers, Interior Decorators and Architects

It’s important to know the different interior services people offer. Most people know what an architect does, but it’s common to see people referring to interior designers and interior decorators as if they were the same thing, when they are not. Let’s understand the difference!

Architect: Structural Interior Service

An architects provide interior service through structural designs on paper, and assist in supervising the construction. They also work with other professionals, using their technical knowledge to comply to regulations and standards.

Architects focus on design aesthetics of a structure, thinking of ways of achieving their vision. They help the future homeowner achieve the structure of the space that fits their needs and wants.

Interior Designer: Functional Interior Service

Interior services usually revolve around the interior designer – they understands the way in which the house will be used to design the perfect space for the homeowners in terms of functionality. By having an understanding in the homeowner’s behavior, needs and preferences the interior designer will make important decisions as the correct layout for the kitchen, the living room’s correct wall’s sizes.

An interior designer should have an open communication with the architect and with the constructors because they are part of the home creation process, making them quite knowledgeable in construction as well.

Interior Decorator: Aesthetic Furnishing Interior Service

Once the structure and layout of the space is complete, the decorator provides interior service focused on furnishing aesthetics. This is done by making choices about the right texture in the sofa, the correct art to hang up on the wall, the perfect color for your bed frame. Therefore, their input is in regards to lighting, textures, colors, furnishing, accessories, art, flooring etc. This is extremely important because the walls don’t express much, but the decorations that are chosen by an interior decorator can really speak about the space.

TIP: Communicate as much as you can with the different interior services helping create the perfect space for you; propose ideas, agree or disagree on issues, accompany them when shopping, etc. At the end of the day, it’s your space, and they will appreciate your involvement in the process as it will guarantee them you will love the finished product.

As explained, the three of them have different job titles and different services to offer, but by working together they can create the right space for you. It’s also possible for an interior designer who can decorate, or an architect who can design a functional space as well.

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