Kitchen Flooring Ideas

The kitchen floor needs to be a well thought out decision. There are many factors that will help you decide which kitchen flooring type is the right one for you. Therefore, let’s evaluate the flooring ideas for the kitchen and find the one for you.

The kitchen flooring options can be divided into two: durable and easy to clean or ergonomic. Durable and easy to clean examples can be seen in concrete, rubber, stone, tile, vinyl or wooden floors. Bamboo or rubber flooring may be considered for more comfort.

Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is modern and helps you achieve the minimalistic look some may be looking for. If you like the style, then it is the best option for you kitchen. Tt’s durable, easy to clean, timeless and easy to decorate around it.

Rubber Flooring

This is an inexpensive option that comes in a variety of colors, patterns and textures. It is very easy to install and has a cushiony kind of feel that can be perfect for those who spend lots of hours in the kitchen. Another important thing to note is that it is easy to clean, it is durable as it is water and fire resistant and if you choose recycled rubber flooring It can be sustainable as well.

Stone Flooring

Stone is beautiful and will make your kitchen very unique. Some stone flooring options can be marble or slate. You need to be careful when buying your stone because it will not be found in a years’ time as it is extremely unique. So, if you can, buy more than what you need, choose the best part of the stone or the best pieces from what you bought and make the kitchen your own.

Tile Flooring

This easy to clean option is extremely durable and a perfect complement to the kitchen of your dreams. Tile is extremely versatile nowadays, you may like the material, maybe it wasn’t the vibe you were going for as you imagined yourself having a wooden kitchen floor, but now is the time to investigate all the tile options out there as there are ones which imitate marble, wood, stone…

TIP: if you want to have make the tile flooring even easier to clean minimize as much as you can in the grout lines and choose big tile squares.

Vinyl Flooring

They perfectly illuminate your bed, just as chandeliers do, but with the bonus of keeping you cool. In addition, there are ceiling fans with crystals, wooden ones, plastic ones, and even metal ones. So, there is undoubtedly one out there for you.

Wooden Floors

This is the most popular option, so if you want to play it safe or if you’re indecisive choose this one. This option can elevate your home as it is the most desired look, so if you plan on reselling wooden floors are the way to go as it is most common for buyers to search for kitchen wooden floors when looking for houses. These buyers have analyzed the benefits that come from choosing this flooring option as it looks expensive, yet cozy.


This can give you a similar look as the wooden one, but with the benefit of it being extremely sustainable as bamboo grows extremely quickly. The only downside, just like with wooden floors, is that you must be extra careful as it can be easily scratched.

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