Kitchen Island Ideas

The kitchen is known as the heart of your home. It’s where your family will spend most of the time. And it’s where you’ll need to have a smart usage of space so you’ll appreciate functionality. So, yes, the kitchen has its purpose, but it can also look gorgeous while being functional.

For a kitchen to live up to its maximum potential it needs a kitchen island as it creates extra counter space, extra seating area and extra storage (drawers/shelves/drawers). There is a right kitchen island out there for you, your family and your space, it’s just a matter of choosing among the various options available.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Island

This option is known for being durable and also easy to clean, yet inexpensive. They can be seen in a variety of sizes, from as narrow as 16’’ or as big as needed in a professional kitchen.

Sometimes this kind of kitchen island can be moved, and if that’s your case, you need to make sure if its wheels lock or not. Additionally, it would be recommended for the island to have good storage, such as open shelving, drawers or hooks.

Butcher Block Kitchen Island

This is a popular surface for kitchen islands as it has a ready to use kind of look, but with the presence of stools accompanied with of some knee space.

Second Life Kitchen Island

Maybe you have a piece of furniture you’ve always loved, but it stopped working for your original space. If that’s your case, you can repurpose your already loved piece of furniture to create a perfect kitchen island which provides you with extra counter space for all your meal’s preparations. You can try your piece of furniture out in the space, but if you need any guidance, a good contender will have 30’’ of height.

Photo by Holland Avenue Home

Drop Leaf Kitchen Island

Photo by Totally Furniture

This kitchen island idea offers versatility as it can be expanded when necessary to create a seating area with bar stools or when you need the extra counter space. Its versatility makes it the perfect fit for any kitchen. Choose great hinges as they will make all the difference in giving you needed support!

Rolling Kitchen Island

By having the ability to move this one, when not wanted it can be stored in a different place or it can be moved around based on your necessities in the moment. Just be careful with what you store in this type of kitchen island as it needs to resist constant mobility (avoid breakable items).

Photo by TheIronDonut

Split-level Kitchen

This kitchen island differentiates the eating area from the working station by having different levels. This serves the same purpose as the other kitchen islands that have both, but by having the difference in levels it elevates the space and makes it more sophisticated.

  • If the kitchen island moves, then make sure it has lockable wheels (high-density polyurethane wheels are preferable)
  • Make it comfortable by having knee space for your seating area
  • Choose your surface material based on your preference: marble, quartz, wood, stainless steel
  • Make it functional by thinking about your needs and the way you work in your kitchen.

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