Farmhouse Interior Design in Pensacola, Florida

Jen S.

Design Story:

A beautiful Farmhouse interior design in Pensacola, covering the dining room and kitchen.

Jennifer and her family recently purchased a beautiful farmhouse in the country with chickens, apple orchid, and even bees. They loved the property and location, but the home needed a makeover inside. Her vision was farmhouse design with a touch of modern and the need for ample storage and seating for their family.

She kept the farmhouse look with her kitchen and dining room, with beautiful wooden chairs. While she initially asked for a white motif, she eventually settled with polished wood equivalents. The results are stunning and she's very happy.

Design Challenge:

  • Client wanted to keep the layout
  • Add cabinets or storage beside the refrigerator
  • Update the lighting and colors
  • Cabinet design
  • Fast turnaround time


Dining Room, Kitchen

“We purchased an old country home that was dated and need of an update. Working with the design team we came up with a few different options. The process was easy and fast. We saved money on the design compared to the other designers we spoke with. This was nice since we were able to spend that money on the furniture we needed. Plus, the savings SimplePlan gave us on the furniture was  a nice touch. Would use again and have already told a few friends. Thank you SimplePlan team.”

Jen S.


Jen's SimplePlan

Farmhouse Kitchen and Dining Room

farmhouse dining area & kitchen interior design
farmhouse dining area & kitchen interior design
farmhouse dining area & kitchen interior design
Before 3D Render
Before 3D Render
farmhouse dining area & kitchen mood board
Mood Board
farmhouse dining area & kitchen furniture layout
Furniture Layout

Farmhouse Kitchen and Dining Room Complete Photos

photo of a farmhouse dining area interior design
photo of a farmhouse dining area & kitchen interior design
photo of a farmhouse kitchen interior design
photo of a farmhouse kitchen interior design

Farmhouse design isn't the only good option in Pensacola

There are many other design styles available, and they help give more personality and a unifying them for any space. Whether you want something trendy and goes with the flow, especially in Pensacola, or would like something unique that reflects what you want to come home to, there is a beautiful design for your home. If you’d like to know more about the different design styles to help you find the right design for you, read about the 20 Interior Design Styles for Your Home.

This Farmhouse classic is just one of many. Popular and familiar, it might be what you're looking for

This Farmhouse interior design in Pensacola really has stunning results, and if you’d like the same for your home, getting in touch with us to help you with your project is simple, easy, and very affordable. Get started today!

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