Mediterranean Landscape Design in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Bob and Michaela

Design Story:

This Mediterranean landscape design in Santa Rosa Beach transforms a stark, muddy and completely open yard into a beautiful oasis, with privacy, seating and even an outdoor kitchen. We used bamboo on raised boxes to create screening for privacy without blocking out their beautiful sunset view. We mixed in wood privacy screens intermittingly to help break up the bamboo, but to also give the client a space where they can hang flower boxes or artwork.

Bob and Michaela's SimplePlan

Before Render

Mediterranean landscape design isn't the only option in Santa Rosa Beach

In case you’d like something done differently in your yard, we’ve collected 6 of the most popular landscape design styles in Santa Rosa Beach for you to choose from. These don’t just match Florida aesthetics, but even the climate. Plant smart and build smart with SimplePlan.

Thinking of having your own Mediterranean oasis in your home?

From a bare yard with little to speak of to a beautiful, functional and practical safe space, our clients absolutely enjoyed the design process and the thought of transforming their yard. They talked about the time they would spend there, and we could imagine the great memories they’ll have. Write your own stories in a beautiful yard of your choosing with SimplePlan!

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