Modern Living Room Renovation in Destin, Florida

Mike M.

Design Story:

Our client asked us to help with a modern living room renovation in Destin, Florida. The project was to update the wall color, flooring, trim paint color, and design a new fireplace with mantel and floating shelves. Our 3d renders allowed him to see his exact space prior to ordering the stone, flooring and fireplace.


Living Room

SimplePlan really went above and beyond. Their attention to detail and easy process really made this renovation project simple and fast. I would recommend them for anyone that is planning an upcoming renovation project. Well worth the price.

Mike M.


Mike's SimplePlan

Modern design isn't the only good option in Destin

There are many other design styles available, and they help give more personality and a unifying them for any space. Whether you want something trendy and goes with the flow, especially in Destin, or would like something unique that reflects what you want to come home to, there is a beautiful design for your home. If you’d like to know more about the different design styles to help you find the right design for you, read about the 20 Interior Design Styles for Your Home.

Would you love to have a Modern makeover for your home?

This project was simple and easy, but the changes were dramatic and it shows. The new design now looks amazing, with a more modern look that looks cleaner and spacious. A design like this is straightforward, and if you’d love to see something similar done for your home, we’re more than happy to help you with that.

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