Scandinavian Design in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Karena M.

Design Story:

A Scandinavian Design in Fort Walton Beach, it's bright and beautiful. We showed our client selection of different furniture sets and she was wowed by what was available.

Karena recently moved to the US. She wanted to bring a slice of her own country to her new home. Finding the right furniture from local sources proved a good challenge, but we found exactly what she wanted.

Design Challenge:

  • Locally-made furniture
  • Natural materials
  • Limitations on what we could do in a condo
  • Space restrictions


Living Room, Dining, Kitchen, Bedroom

“My designer was amazing. She presented two concept designs, and I was really blown away with the creativity. I was able to combine what I wanted with a few of her great ideas to come up with my beautiful space. It was worth every dollar.”

Karena M.


Karena's SimplePlan

Scandinavian Bedroom

scandinavian bedroom interior design

Scandinavian Living Room

scandinavian living room interior design
scandinavian living room interior design


scandinavian kitchen interior design
scandinavian kitchen interior design

Scandinavian Dining Room

scandinavian dining room interior design
scandinavian dining room interior design

Scandinavian design isn't the only good option in Fort Walton Beach

There are many other design styles available, and they help give more personality and a unifying them for any space. Whether you want something trendy and goes with the flow, especially in Fort Walton Beach, or would like something unique that reflects what you want to come home to, there is a beautiful design for your home. If you’d like to know more about the different design styles to help you find the right design for you, read about the 20 Interior Design Styles for Your Home.

Scandianavian design is bright and beautiful, and always easy on the eyes

Thinking of letting the sunshine in like this beautiful Scandinavian design in Pensacola? It’s a great design for any home, for any room. If you’d like to get a project started, it’s easy, simple, and very affordable!

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