Transitional Open Floor Design in Destin, Florida

Shermaine S.

Design Story:

A popular design, this Transitional design in Destin was yet another beautiful project.

Shermaine is planning on opening up the walls to give their home more of an open feel. Also, they want to update their kitchen and improve the layout. The foyer, dining room and kitchen seemed so closed off from the rest of their space and when entertaining others they wanted more usable space.

Design Challenge:

  • Removed walls
  • Open Floor Plan
  • New Kitchen
  • Updated Cabinets and Countertops
  • Large Kitchen Island
  • More storage
  • New clean transitional design style


Dining Room, Kitchen, Living Room

“I love how the visuals really bring everything to life, especially the Before vs Design images. The furniture sourcing was a nice benefit and saved me a lot of time and money.  You went above and beyond. Thank you.”

Shermaine S.


Shermaine's SimplePlan

Trasitional Open Floor Design

transitional living room interior design
transitional kitchen interior design
transitional dining room interior design
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Furniture Layout

Transitional design isn't the only good option in Destin

There are many other design styles available, and they help give more personality and a unifying them for any space. Whether you want something trendy and goes with the flow, especially in Destin, or would like something unique that reflects what you want to come home to, there is a beautiful design for your home. If you’d like to know more about the different design styles to help you find the right design for you, read about the 20 Interior Design Styles for Your Home.

Feel that a classic and cozy Transitional design is a good fit for your home?

Transitional interior design is quite popular, not just in Destin, and there are so many directions it could go. You could point which direction, or we could guide you, but you’ll always end up with something beautiful. It’s simple and easy!

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