Vintage Study in Destin, Florida

Jerry O.

Design Story:

A Vintage Study in Destin, this was quite a treat for us as it's always interesting matching furniture with antiques that our clients have.

Jerry bought a few acres in the country in Florida back in 2018, intent on creating a place of refuge and peace after a long business career. He built a small cabin and converted it into something that expressed his interests in life. After his grandchildren grew up, he wanted something different, and so SimplePlan came to help him.

We met Jerry at his cabin, and had a brief conversation, collecting the usual information we needed to give him exactly what he wants. It was a Vintage/Victorian Style tea room that will also serve as his study. Jerry had many ideas, and SimplePlan accommodated. His happiness with the result said it all.

Design Challenge:

  • Small Space
  • Furniture Layout
  • Shelving
  • Sourcing of furniture
  • Color Selection



“I purchased the plan online and a few days later a consultant meet me at my cabin. He collected some images, measurements, sketched my space, and we had a brief sit down conversation. I wanted a Vintage or “Victorian style” tea room / study. I wasn’t quiet sure exactly what I wanted so it took several renderings. The staff was patient and professional throughout the process. The final design turned out even better than I had envisioned.”

Jerry O.


Jerry's SimplePlan

Vintage Study

vintage study interior design
vintage study interior design
3D Render Renovation

Vintage design isn't the only good option in Destin

There are many other design styles available, and they help give more personality and a unifying them for any space. Whether you want something trendy and goes with the flow, especially in Panama City Beach, or would like something unique that reflects what you want to come home to, there is a beautiful design for your home. If you’d like to know more about the different design styles to help you find the right design for you, read about the 20 Interior Design Styles for Your Home.

Have a lot of antiques and want them incorporated in your home with a Vintage design?

Like similar projects, this Vintage Study design in Destin really tells a story, with every piece providing a platform for antiques included. If you feel that you want to keep all the antique pieces your family has passed on for generations, or simply with to have a blast from the past design for your home, getting your project started is easy, simple and affordable.

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