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Our clients that are located outside of our market, but still want to benefit from our service are highly recommended to make use of our Online Interior Design Package. This design packages is 100% online and we will need your help to collect some measurements, pictures, take a short video and then upload to us. Simple.  This helps to capture all the information your designer will need to ensure a successful project.

If you are inside one of our markets take a look at our most popular design package: Click Here –>LOCAL INTERIOR DESIGN


Online Interior Design package includes:

  • Online collaboration with professional interior designers
  • Online kickoff call.
  • Video calls, voice calls, and messaging with your designer around your schedule.
  • 2 Concept Designs, Revision, Development Design, Revision, = your Final Interior Design plan… SIMPLEPLAN
  • Floorplans, furniture layout, mood boards, 3D renders, and more!
  • DIY Guide to help you manage all or parts of your renovation projects


Design fees based on # of rooms not hours or SQF. Clients love to save money and time by designing additional rooms


Pick from one of our design packages:

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