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SimplePlan Project Management: You’re busy. Let Us Handle This.

Detail By Detail: Our team will handle the important and critical tasks step by step to save you time, stress, costly mistakes, and make the home renovation process more enjoyable. Our design team is passionate about turning your vision into a beautiful design and now  our Project Management Team can execute the plan and turn your beautiful 3D renders into a reality. 

Standard Fee = 20% of budgeted amount

Example: $50,000 budget = $10,000 fee.

Depending on final amount spent the management fee will be adjusted at the end a final payment will be invoiced for the difference.


  • Collecting needs quotes / bids – Coordinate with trades to acquire relevant quotes and present to client.
  • Budget – Using Google Doc build out budget for client to review and ensure items are approved.
  • Pick Up / Delivery – Organize material lists, ordering, pickup, delivery to site. Save money by buying the material.
  • On Site Check – Our Project Manager will be onsite during key moments of renovation and project work.


Design fees based on # of rooms not hours or SQF. Clients love to save money and time by designing additional rooms

Original price was: $10,000.00.Current price is: $5,000.00.

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