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Why SimplePlan?

Solving the most voiced concerns of design clients has been our mission. Explore common problems, and our simple and easy solutions below.


furniture with inaccurate interior measurements

Online Only Designers

  • Require clients to measure their room(s)
  • Download their app and hope it takes accurate measurements
  • Ordering of furniture is based on these measurements. Most items come, and does not fit!
consultant visit for accurate measurement and customer feedback

Our Simple Design Solution

  • On-site pre-design measurements and survey
  • Sketch room(s) to capture all details. This ensure 3D renderings are exactly as your home will look
  • Confidence that your furnishings will fit and the flow of your space is adequate.


old clock representing spent time

Traditional Designer

  • Many meetings! Pre-Consultation,
  • Consultation, follow up, presentations, contract signing, material selection(s), follow ups, etc…
  • Schedule conflicts. Missed Appointments.
  • Rescheduling.
  • More time and hours = more fees for designer to charge
collaborating with interior designer

Our Simple Design Solution

  • 1 onsite consultation. No sales. No pressure. No convincing.
  • Online and/or Phone meetings to collaborate with designers saves time and money.
  • Provide clients with a DIY guide to help them to manage their projects.
  • Project Management is available for clients that would like our help.

Expensive + Hidden Charges

expenses on interior design piling up

Traditional Designer

  • Consultation Fee: Average of $50 – $250 Usually 1 hour.
  • Design Fee: Charge by hour. Charge by SQF/SQM.
  • Management Fee: Average of 25% for designer to Project Manage your renovation and work with contractors. Fee is based off of total construction cost +25%
  • Travel Fees: Usually 1/2 of the designers hourly rate. Trips to site for inspection, material selection, contractor meetings, etc.
  • Furnishings: Typical fee is 17% – 45% added to cost of furniture for their sourcing and time.
woman happy with discounts on interior design

Our Simple Design Solution

  • FREE 30 minute discovery call.
  • Consultation Fee: Included in Design Fee.
  • Design Fee: Charge per room. Discount for additional rooms.
  • Travel Fees: No travel fees or hourly fees.
  • Sourcing Fee:15% fee based on amount paid on furnishings.
  • Management Fee: 20% fee based on project total

Sales Pressure

woman frustrated with sales talk

Traditional Designer

  • Non-disclosure of fees until in person meetings. Will spouse be present? More meetings more trust. Convince.
  • Pressure to design other rooms or “fix” issues
  • Pressure to replace furnishings, lighting, counters, etc..
clients enjoying no hidden fees and no sales pressure

Our Simple Design Solution

  • All fees are public and upfront. No hidden fees.
  • Design meetings online. No in home sales pressure.

No Clear Process or Next Steps

woman frustrated with customer service

Traditional Designer

  • Clients are left confused and/or wondering whats next.
  • Call, Email or Text message? Do they have customer service? Long wait times or no reply at all.
  • Missed deadlines. Wasted Time and Money

Our Simple Design Solution

  • Clear Process and next steps online
  • Client Welcome Guide = Clear next steps and process.
  • Responsive Customer Service. Online Web Chat and Email.
  • Cookie Cutter Design

    Online Designer

    • Cheap online only designers hire non designers and train them internally.
    • Copy and Paste Pinterest designs to get onto the next client.
    • Traditional designers at times are only familiar with a few design styles that are popular in that area. Shift or move client to what they are comfortable with and all designs look and feel the same.

    Our Simple Design Solution

    • Local Pre-Design Consultation to ensure unique design.
    • 3 presentations and 2 revisions ensure a one-of-a-kind design
    • Educated and experienced interior and landscape designers from around the world to give our clients a unique design
    SimplePlan interior design plus addon package

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